As a real estate investor who has invested out‑of‑state, Deborah Bronner is experienced in handling the steps of the transaction for you if you are a buyer or a seller and the property is out‑of‑state.

Attorneys and escrow companies, your clients will be well taken care of by Deborah Bronner.

She is familiar with how the transaction needs to be processed when the seller or the buyer is in a different state from the property.

Deborah Bronner has the skills to expeditiously carry out the part of the process in her local (Los Angeles) area where the seller or buyer is located.

At the same time, Deborah Bronner provides reassurance and confidence to the buyer or seller who is required to be involved in the real estate transaction remotely.

Deborah Bronner will coordinate with the escrow company and/or attorney who is handling the transaction in the area where the property is located.

Deborah Bronner is reliably responsive to questions and requests on a timely and daily basis, and charges reasonable fees.