Attorney Deborah Bronner has over twenty-five years of professional legal experience and has put together a team of staff members dedicated to helping all of her clients succeed with their goals of home retention. The focus and mission of The Law Offices of Deborah R. Bronner is to help distressed homeowners navigate the choppy waters of keeping their homes after struggling to make their mortgage payments every month and/or after defaulting on their mortgage payments.

California is one of the top three states with the highest number of foreclosures in the nation (according to RealtyTrac statistics). If you are concerned that you may join those who have already lost their homes to foreclosure, contact our office now to learn about your options.

The Law Offices of Deborah R. Bronner offers four types of legal services to distressed homeowners:

• Prelitigation default settlement
• Bankruptcy
• Wrongful foreclosure lawsuits
• Eviction Defense

We take pride in meeting the unique needs of each client by providing individual attention and analysis to each case. We keep our clients up-to-date on the status of their cases, respond to queries promptly and completely, and diligently pursue the best result for each client. Our Spanish-speaking clients appreciate working with our native Spanish-speaking staff. (Nuestros clientes en español aprecian trabajar y comunicarse con nuestro staff cuya primer lenguage es español).

The Law Offices of Deborah Bronner has helped hundreds of homeowners stay in their homes with monthly mortgage payments they can afford. Our clients retain Deborah Bronner at any stage of the foreclosure process: one day before a foreclosure sale, after they have lost their home in a foreclosure sale, when they are many months and hopelessly behind in their mortgage payments, and sometimes when they have not missed a payment but are stretched to the limit.

Clients at each of these stages have gotten the relief they were seeking due to the strong advocacy skills of all staff members in the office.

Our team has saved homes in all economic categories, from homes that are encumbered with a relatively low mortgage amount to ones that are encumbered with mortgages in the millions of dollars.