Deborah Bronner specializes in Estate Planning, the area of law that addresses how to best leave assets and property to friends, relatives and charities after death. Please watch the video for an overview of some helpful information, and then please call to further discuss your family's estate planning needs.

Attorney Bronner has provided extensive services to homeowners in default of their mortgages. We have fought evictions, we have stopped foreclosure sales within days -- even hours -- of a house appearing on the auction block. Our office has gotten back foreclosed homes and restored full ownership to our clients.

Deborah R. Bronner has handled hundreds of loan modification cases and obtained significant reductions in mortgage payments. We are a strong team of experienced professionals who fully understand and respect your needs, delivering personal attention to the details of every case with unwavering persistence and commitment. Our law firm was featured on My Local Buzz TV, as Deborah explained how the Los Angeles-based Law Offices of Deborah R. Bronner can quickly and effectively fight off a home foreclosure for anyone living anywhere in Southern California.

Ms. Bronner has practiced in the debtor/creditor arena for over two decades. She has provided legal services to the mortgage and real estate industries as well as to individuals. Clients from all walks of life have benefited.

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