Professional Experience

Deborah Bronner earned her B.A. degree in psychology from Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1973. In 1983, Deborah received her Juris Doctorate from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, California. She has been practicing in California for the past twenty-five years.

After law school, Deborah worked for a national legal editor writing articles on state tax issues for accountants and lawyers.

Deborah initially gained experience in the field of bankruptcy working for a law firm that represented debtors. She then branched into civil litigation, working for law firms that specialized in personal injury defense.

Deborah started her own practice in 1995 based on representing businesses and business owners who were in dispute with their suppliers and/or clients, as well as disputes involving real estate brokers and mortgages.

Most recently, in 2008, Deborah began specializing in assisting distressed homeowners who were struggling to keep their homes, are behind in their mortgage payments, or had lost their home in a foreclosure sale.

Deborah offers a four-prong approach to providing foreclosure defense legal services: defaulted loan work-outs with the lender, bankruptcy, eviction defense, and lawsuits for wrongful foreclosure.

Deborah understands that the deck is stacked against the distressed homeowner and knows how imperative it is that she provide sophisticated and experienced legal services for each individual client.

Deborah is an expert at getting settlement offers from lenders for her clients who have defaulted on their mortgage payments. The settlements derive from obtaining approvals for loan modification packages submitted by her office. She has successfully settled over 1,000 cases for clients who had previously been struggling to keep their homes and saved many of them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

For some clients, filing a bankruptcy is the best route to home retention.

For clients who have already lost a home in the foreclosure sale, Deborah provides eviction defense services and files lawsuits for wrongful foreclosure to obtain a rescission of the foreclosure sale.

She has helped close to a hundred clients regroup after losing a home and in many of these cases, has obtained a rescission of the foreclosure sale.

Professional Memberships

• State Bar of California
• U.S. District Court, Northern and Central Districts of California
• Commercial Law League of America
• Member since 1995


• J.D., 1983, Golden Gate University, San Francisco, CA
• Master of Science in Urban Studies, 1980, University of New Orleans
• B.A., 1973, Clark University, Worcester, MA