"I meant to write this review quite some time ago. Deborah Bronner is the most amazing person, who happens to be an incredible Lawyer as well! She is so easy to talk to, attentive, responsive and a pleasure to work with. She handled our Deed transfer and another matter regarding property taxes like a pro! I highly recommend her to anyone that needs a competent and personable Lawyer that can get the job done. Honestly, I would trust Deborah with anything else we ever need. She is our "Go to" for all things legal! She is also very fair. I can't say enough about her. She makes hiring a Lawyer a pleasurable experience, really! I actually look forward to our conversations! Give her a shot, you won't regret it."

J.R. / March 2023
"I connected with Deborah through Legal Zoom and she did such a great job reviewing my contract. Not only did she have great advice and changes that were necessary, but she was also patient, kind, accommodating, AND went the extra mile to make sure my business was protected moving forward. I highly recommend her! Thank you, Deborah!"

L.Y. / Pasadena, California
October 2022
"I highly recommend Deborah with any legal docs for a deed transfer. She made it very simple and easy for us to get this important paperwork figured out from start to finish."

- Y.C. / January 2022
"Found the Law Offices of Deborah R. Bronner on Google and happy I did! Atty. Bronner was always prompt in returning my calls and answered all my questions without feeling rushed.

She was punctual on both occasions we had to meet in person and very accommodating to our needs. We are thankful for her assistance and expertise in getting our estate trust done in just a matter of days in a nicely bound portfolio. I did not get a chance to check the Yelp reviews when I called Atty. Bronner's office and concur w ith the majority of the comments made by her former clients regarding her professionalism and compassion. She was responsive to all my questions and requests via text and email even after she was done providing service.

Needless to say, I'll definitely recommend her legal services to my family and friends should the need arise. Thank you once again for all your help, Atty. Bronner, we truly appreciate it!"

O.L. / Culver City, California
February 2022
"Her law firm is wonderful in helping me with my trust. Deborah is quick to respond back, personable, knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend her law firm."

- G.C. / Tehachapi, California
February 2022
"Ms. Bronner helped my parents and myself with a property transfer on a very short timeline. She was very responsive and helped us with all the paperwork and got it all done in record time."

- K.S.
August 2021
"Due to the pandemic, I started panicking about croaking and not having a living trust. Ms. Bronner, was so professional and answered all my questions, clarified any concerns. She is very reliable and on time. She would even return my calls on the weekend!! She helped me step‑by‑step and after signing all the paperwork, she followed up weeks later just to make sure I had received the paperwork from the county office. After calling other attorneys on Yelp, she was the one that truly seemed committed and went out of her way to help me."

- E.F. / Los Angeles
April 2021
"We started working with the Law Office of Deborah R. Bronner during the recent pandemic. We were worried about our family and knew we needed to plan accordingly. Deborah and her team helped us through the entire process from A-Z, helping to put us at ease knowing we were doing the right thing to help our family. Deborah prepared our Family Trust, Will, Power of Attorney, Advance Health Care Directive and new Grant Deed for our home. Deborah made a challenging situation more manageable with a professional and down to earth approach. Thank you Deborah Bronner for helping our family."

- E.P.
May 2020
"Deborah has represented me since this past April in a delicate real estate matter to recover foreclosure surplus funds I was entitled too. She kept me informed every step of the way!!!! I appreciate her professionalism and courteous manner. I highly recommend her for all your real estate matters especially recovering foreclosure surplus funds. Thank you again Deborah. God bless you."

- Angela B. / Victorville, CA
August 2019
"Look no further than the Law Offices of Deborah Bronner for any real estate needs. She is very knowledgeable and a true expert. She is kind, patient and professional. Deborah communicates every step of the process in clear language. She is always available to answer your questions. Feel very confident in Deborah that she can help you reach your end goal. She really came through for us and saved the day for my family!"

- L.G. / About a home in California
April 2018
"I started my relationship with Counsel Bronner in August. The new owner wanted me to leave on August 13, 2017, but I wanted to leave August 15, 2017 & she was able to make that happen. She was always available when I called & explained the entire process. She explained that it could take up to a year to receive the funds; imagine my surprise when she called & said that she had a check for me on Monday, March 5, 2018. I received my check the very next day. Do not lose hope if your house is foreclosed; contact the Law Offices of Deborah Bronner. She may be able to help you, like she did for me. Thank you for your professionalism."

- G.B. / Los Angeles
March 2018
"Without Deborah Bronner I would have never know that there was an over payment for my home that I lost.

She went above and beyond to make sure I received what was owed to me. I would recommend anyone dealing with real estate to use her services."

- J.B. / Stockton, California
February 2018
"I was helping a neighbor, a disabled vet whose mother had died and he had no means of support. The Vet was having trouble resolving an inheritance of a house that his mother owned but, went into repo auction sale for lack of payment.

Attorney Deborah Bronner called me out of the blue. I was dubious since there are so many scams around. After questioning her on separate occasions, I decided to give her a try. Best thing I've done.

She not only recovered a substantial amount of money for the Vet, but was also able to resolve a lien I had on the property for money I laid out for the Vet and his mom when alive. Ms. Bronner took care of all, including the Notary without drama and I did EVERYTHING from my home.

The only thing I had to pay was her lawyer fee when she recovered our money and there was no charge except for our agreed-upon flat lawyer fee. Without Deborah Bronner's help the Vet and I would have received nothing."

- W.T. / Apple Valley
May 2017
"I would have been lost after my house sold in the foreclosure sale without Deborah's legal advice. When I first contacted Deborah Bronner, she thought she could arrange for me to stay in the house for about two months.

With her help, I was able to stay living at the property for six months after the auction took place, which helped me quite a bit. I could always reach her when I called, which I appreciated because I had to call from work and only had a few minutes. Deborah also helped me to recover funds held for me after the foreclosure sale. She kept me informed about the progress and I knew I could trust her."

- V.R. / Los Angeles County
August 2016
"Deborah Bronner is a first-class attorney, totally professional and a gentlewoman of her word. She is easy to talk to and communicates accurately and to the point. She helped me obtain a very susbstantial amount of money. She returns phone calls swiftly at the first one made, a quality I very much appreciate. I unreservedly recommend her to anyone seeking an attorney with her specialities.

I very much appreciate her help with my case and thank her profusely. She makes explanations simple and understandable. Thanks again Deborah for all the help!"

- Steve L. / Southern California
June 2016
"From the first time I spoke to attorney Deborah Bronner, I knew I could trust her and that she had my best interest at heart. Attorney Bronner helped me through a very tough time, as I had just lost my home in the foreclosure sale. Throughout the time Attorney Bronner was representing me, I was able to reach her quickly whenever I had questions.

Even though it looked unlikely that I would recover surplus funds after the foreclosure sale, with Attorney Bronner's skillful legal work, I was able to recover those funds, which provided a major source of assistance. I would recommend to anyone who is in my position to call Deborah Bronner and to hire her."

- Mark S. / Stockton, California
April 2016
"My husband and I learned about Ms. Bronner's services at a very difficult and confusing time. We were exhausted fighting the good fight with our lender on our own and the lawyer we had already retained was slow moving and rarely returned my calls. We received correspondence in the mail introducing Ms. Bronner's services, so I picked up the phone to inquire.

From that initial call with Ms. Bronner, I was immediately comforted. She thoroughly helped us to understand what was going on and the best route to take. She made us feel as if we were her only client in the sense that every time I called her, she was there. Even on a weekend when I really needed clarification on something, she was there.

Should you retain the services of Ms. Bronner, you will find complete and professional services right from the very beginning of placing a call to her office. Thank you, Ms. Bronner, more than words can express."

- A.G. and D.G. / Oceanside, California
November 2015
"Words cannot express how grateful we are for the miraculous work by Deborah Bronner and her real estate team. Deborah Bronner is an exemplary attorney. We first contacted her in January 2014 on a Saturday, and she gave us all the time we needed to discuss our mortgage default. During the course of the time that she represented us, she was always available to talk about our case, and give us the reassurance that we needed. She did not stop until she achieved the result that we had hired her for."

- T.E. and M.E. / Southern California
April 2015
"Hi Deborah, I want to thank you for all the work you did to get me money out of my home that was sold at auction. I had no idea that was possible and thought I lost all my equity from my home. You made a difficult time in my life a little easier to deal with. You provided an ear when I needed it -- you were a great listener and returned my telephone calls every time.

I have bought and sold many properties. Deborah is both very knowledgeable and very helpful. With Deborah's expertise, I was able to get my money back. I highly recommend her. Deborah is a great real estate attorney."

Larry C. / Riverside, California
March 2015
"I was referred to Deborah Bronner's team of real estate professionals when I was ready to buy a home for my family. The real estate agent and broker made us feel comfortable and kept the stress down during this important transaction. They went out of their way to show us the available properties and even found some that were not listed. They were excellent negotiators and got us a very favorable deal on all of the terms. The lender was part of the team as well. We love our new home and would recommend Deborah Bronner's team of real estate professionals for your home purchase."

- Tom V. / Orange County
December 2014
"We are very thankful for Deborah Bronner's involvement in our real estate transaction. We had a multi-unit property that was in our family for many years. To make a long story short we got into a dispute with the buyer and it looked like we might have ended up in protracted litigation.

We hired Attorney Bronner who immediately understood the dispute. She helped us successfully sell the property. I highly recommend Deborah Bronner for her dedication, expertise and integrity."

- Robert P. / Los Angeles
December 2014
"It is with gratitude that I write this review for Deborah's law firm and her staff. She is an amazing lawyer who is compassionate towards her clients. She cares about her client's needs and helps them to obtain the best possible outcome. From the bottom of my heart, I want to say "Thank you" Deborah for her great help with the unfortunate loss of my home. As I am going through a very difficult time in my life right now, I never imagine that there is still hope out there. Deborah is like an Angel sent from Heaven to help me. She brought me good news during this difficult time in my life and gave me hope to persevere.

At first, I needed to do a short-sale on my home but because it was underwater it became bank-owned instead. I was very devastated when I found out that I was going to lose my home and the bank would take over the sale instead. I never imagine that I would have any profit from a bank-owned property. I didn't expect get any profit once it became bank-owned so I never bother to respond to Deborah's requests to give it a try to see if she can work out a deal for us. On several occasions, I thought it was a joke and I even ignored her calls and emails. Finally, one day when Deborah called me again and asked me to let her help me, I said why not give it a try? I was ready to give up my home because I never thought that anything positive would come out of it. I am forever thankful to Deborah and her team who has been so supportive and never gave up helping me in achieving the best results from my lost of my home.

She truly defines what a good lawyer is: professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate. "Thank you" is understated because without Deborah's help, I would be so lost and confused. She exceeds my expectations in every aspect and I would highly recommend anyone her law firm because this is my testimony. After learning of the great news Deborah have help me get more than $ 100,000.00 dlls back from the loss of my home, I feel truly blessed by Deborah and her team. She never gave up on helping me and I am very grateful for her help. I gave Deborah 5 stars on Yelp -- if I could I would give her 6 stars!"

- R.L. / El Monte
October 1, 2014
"When my house sold in the foreclosure sale, I was devastated and had no idea what to do next. I also did not know that there was money coming back to me. I thought once your house sold in the foreclosure sale, you lost everything. A very knowledgeable staff member of Attorney Deborah Bronner's law office contacted me and took care of everything. I was overjoyed to receive a check for over $60,000."

- P.M. / Corona
September 2014
"Deborah Bronner, Esq. saved my house. Deborah's office consists of a great collection of people who are dedicated to their work. My case was particularly difficult since I live overseas. I had been in a mortgage string-along with Chase for years, and my house was in foreclosure. They worked the case until I had a new lender with a modification."

- R. C. / Phillipines
August 2014
"After my mom passed away and the bank foreclosed on her home, I didn't know where to turn. Thankfully, I found Deborah Bronner's office.

Her staff was honest and truly cared about my situation. I was dealing with a lot of things and they handled all of the paperwork and less than two months later, I had the $112,000 they told me they would get back to me.

They even worked with the people who bought the home so I could have those two months to move out all of my mom's personal belongings instead of having to leave right away. I would recommend Deborah and her staff to anyone in a similar situation! They are true professionals that truly care."

- Mary G. / Los Angeles
May 2014
"I cannot tell you how relieved we are! What a good day, what good news today, much appreciate Deborah helping us in getting this worked out with our lender. My husband was crying yesterday when we heard the news. It is like getting another lease on life and such a relief for us, like a weight has been lifted off our shoulders. Praise the Lord ... And Deborah Bronner, Esq!!!

The words "thank you" can never even come close to expressing the depth of awe and gratitude we have for Deborah and her staff for helping us keep our home that we have been in for 25 years.

Anything we can do to spread the word to other people in our previous situation, we will most certainly take great joy in doing."

- Amy L. / Los Angeles
April 2014
"Overjoyed! No other word can describe how my wife and I feel after the successful short sale by the real estate team that was recommended by Deborah Bronner. We are so lucky we found Deborah Bronner's law office.

Previous to my talking to Deborah, we had the house on the market with a different real estate agent for well over a year with no results. We had decided that we wanted to sell the house, but had no idea that a short sale transaction would require such special expertise. Right before we talked to Deborah, our house was about to be sold in the foreclosure sale, which would have had drastic and serious tax consequences for us.

We would have never recovered from the hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes that we would have been responsible for. Deborah's real estate team handled the transaction so professionally and expeditiously that even though the county was trying to interfere and not allow the sale to close, the team got it done. It was amazing, and we are so grateful."

- Paul G. / Formerly of Orange County
April 2014
Dear Deborah,

The result you got for just INCREDIBLE! I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work, patience and perseverance with this case.

You really proved to be the best at what you do! I wish everyone in some mortgage trouble had your name, because they are just missing out on the best help they could get! Thank you again from all of us.

- Jackie H. / Saugus, California
February 2014
"My wife and I fell into financial hardship after my business fell off dramatically as a result of the recession. We are now up-to-date with our mortgage payments due to the tremendous service we received from The Law Offices of Deborah R. Bronner.

We want to thank Deborah for providing us with the peace of mind that we did not have before we hired her. I simply was not bringing in the income that I had brought in before. We had hired other attorneys who made promises but did not get us the result that we needed. Deborah and her staff GOT IT DONE!

Deborah's office handled a bankruptcy and a loan modification for us, both with professionalism and expertise. We learned that Deborah has legal skills in several areas of law that affect mortgage default and that puts her in a unique position to provide services to distressed homeowners."

- Michael and Mary Isaacson
January 2014
"I would like to strongly recommend Deborah Bronner to any potential client. We had gotten behind on our mortgage and were very worried about how we would be able to get back on track.

Deborah's office solved our problem with a loan modification approval with very favorable terms.

Deborah and her staff always used plain English and not complex legal language when explaining the status of our case. They kept us informed on a regular basis -- every step of the way!

They were accessible whenever I wanted to speak to them. Thanks Deborah to you and your GREAT STAFF!"

- Basil Criticos
December 2013
Letter to Deborah Bronner from E.L.:

We cannot thank you enough for all the work you and your staff have done on our behalf. You have gone way beyond the "call of duty", not only in the time you spent, but also the personal attention, care and moral support you gave us. I honestly don't know how we would have gotten through the last 13 months of struggle and fighting with the Bank, had it not been for you.

Thank you, again, for your commitment to fight, against all odds, and win the Modification we had requested. We need more devoted attorneys like you!!

You and your staff have done so much more than we expected, even after we received the Modification of our loan. We both really appreciate all you have done for us.

Thank you, again, dear Deborah and your staff, for your caring and all your help.

November 2013
"Prior to the recession I had spent 30 years buying up investment properties one by one and fixing them up to serve as rentals for my retirement. In 2008 I could no longer keep up with my mortgages. My tenants started moving out, not paying rent. I held on by selling possessions and borrowing more money. But the recession got worse.

I started to hire attorneys to help me to deal with lenders who were unforgiving who just wanted to be paid. 99% of these attorneys just wanted my retainer. 99% of the time my monies were taken and then I would stop getting return calls or be handed off to the attorney's assistants. I learned a great deal by going on the computer. I drove up and down the coast to several attorneys who advertise as foreclosure experts. One even has an excellent BBB rating, but now I am so very angry when I get his mail advertisements. He like the others just handed me off to his associates and never returned my calls or emails.

NOT a day has gone by that Deborah has not returned my emails or calls. While I can tell her business is thriving, she returns my calls and emails within a day. She gives me good solid advice and we have made for a good team. I respect that she is busy but most important her calm relaxed attitude during the "storm" has allowed me to deal with a very tough lender who ended up returning my and my sister's home due to her negotiations. We are now working on my other home and she has excellent follow-through. I do not know how this next home will turn out but she is honest with me. I can tell she cares about her clients.

I lost so much money on "Beverly Hills" attorneys who were not honest and just took my money. I am so very happy to have found Deborah and I have and do recommend her highly to others. Deborah is the 1% one of the good ones. I do plan to create a blog soon on how so many attorneys operate solely to just get the retainer monies of foreclosed borrowers. Sad. Again deborah was the only attorney I found who truly helps you fight to keep or get your home returned after foreclosure and her fees were very reasonable."

-D.J. Reed
June 2013
"I feel like Deborah is one of my guardian angels in life. My home means so much to me and when it was lost in the foreclosure sale it was one of the most devastating things to ever happen to me.

All I kept saying to her was 'Do whatever it takes.' Deborah was relentless in her pursuit of gaining a loan modification and rescission of the sale, and for me, she has given me the life and home I've always dreamed of. The day she called to tell me the good news will be one of the most emotional days ever, a true celebration of a long tough battle.

The lender was very difficult and uncooperative. Her hard work and commitment saved my home. How do you ever repay that debt to someone? 'Thank you,' just doesn't seem enough. If you want someone to walk beside you, someone you can rely on and help save your home, I can't recommend a better lawyer. Please call Deborah."

- R.J.
October 2012
"Deborah and her staff are amazing! We came days away from losing our home ... an all too familiar story in today's economy. They diligently worked on our loan with Chase until we obtained a realistic and affordable modification. So grateful this holiday season to have our home and our family. Many thanks to Deborah and her diligent staff!"

- The Castanedas
December 2012
"I used Deborah and her staff for my home mod and I was unable to take the mod due to my finances, Deborah and her team kept me in my home for an additional 36 months with no payments to the lender. I would have not been able to hang on to my business and take care of my family if it weren't for them during this complete financial meltdown. Thank you."

- Alan Schwartz
January 2013
"My family had been in jeopardy of losing our home since 2007. I ran two businesses and both were lost to the economy. I got behind on the payments and tried to get a loan modification. I'm retired Army, with a fixed income. I hired many lawyers to get help, but none could help me. In the past four years, I had spent $20,000 on lawyers, without success. Until one day with very little money in the bank, I found Deborah Bronner's website.

I was impressed with her site. My house was in foreclosure. I faxed the application to my lender and called Deborah's office and made an appointment.

A few days later I was at Deborah's office. I stated to her where I was, within the process of trying to keep my house. The reason I hired Deborah Bronner was because I was satisfied that I was going to get a fair shake. Deborah's staff member, who is a foreclosure expert, was most helpful in cutting through the red tape. What most home owners don't understand is, when you call the lender you get a different person to talk with each time, and they start the process all over again each time. Trust me. Don't try it yourself, without a foreclosure expert's intervention. On your own, you will lose the battle. The best person you can hire is Deborah Bronner and her experienced and friendly staff.

It took less than 60 days after working with Deborah's office to get my loan modification program approved. This was the first time in four years that I could sleep! Deborah Bronner is a lawyer who was truly interested in helping me and other people through difficult times. Do yourself a favor, don't lose your home, call Deborah Bronner's Law Office and, make an appointment.

Don't get me wrong, Deborah doesn't have a magic wand, but she has your back at all times. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain. Trust her methods, do everything she says, and if you meet all the requirements from the lender, and you have all financial supporting documentation, then you have a good chance of getting approved."

- Herb Barrington, U.S Army retired / Los Angeles
November 2012
"We ran into trouble making our mortgage payments. The lender initially was Saxon and then our loan was taken over by Ocwen. We hired The Law Offices of Deborah R. Bronner after getting behind by over three years. Deborah's team was able to get us a Department of Justice program loan modification. We were awarded a major reduction in the total amount due (from $425,012.00 to $158,040.00). The interest rate was reduced from 6.5% to 2%. The monthly payment was reduced from $2,171.17 to $684.81. They did a phenomenal job and was well worth the fees we paid for the legal services."

- Robert E. and Maria M. / Los Angeles
October 2012
"I had tried on my own for almost three years to get a loan modification from BofA without success. When I hired Deborah Bronner's law office, there was a sale date on my house and I thought I was going to lose my home. Deborah's staff achieved what I could not -- a delay of the sale long enough so that I was able to get a trial loan modification with a promise of terms for the permanent loan modification that I had been hoping for. After making the three trial modification payments, I was immediately issued the permanent loan modification that BofA had promised. It seems like a dream come true. The balance was reduced to $528,000 and $289,000 was forgiven. My interest rate for the first five years is 3.250% and 3.375% for the remaining 30 years. Definitely consider hiring Deborah's legal team if you are in the same position."

- Glenda A. / Los Angeles
October 2012
"Deborah Bronner's top notch legal skills and understanding of all aspects of California foreclosure law resulted in my family keeping our house after it sold in the foreclosure sale. The Law Offices of Deborah R. Bronner filed a lawsuit against the lender and defended against the eviction. My family was not uprooted. I did not have to tell my children that we were moving. They stayed in the schools they were attending with the friends and teachers they were happy with. Not only is Deborah a strong advocate, she is a pleasure to work with and always stayed in touch. I feel very lucky to have found The Law Offices of Deborah R. Bronner."

- Abdou L. / Los Angeles
October 2012
"My wife and I fell into difficult financial times when the recession hit. During the previous decade we had bought rental properties as investments thinking that would help secure our future. Instead, we found ourselves with two properties in addition to our primary residence that we could not afford. I hired The Law Offices of Deborah R. Bronner to negotiate with the lenders for all three properties. Deborah and her loan modification staff worked long, hard and diligently to accomplish what seemed impossible -- an affordable interest rate on one of the rentals, delaying the foreclosure on the second rental during the ongoing negotiations, and a home run interest rate and monthly payment on our primary residence. I don't know of any other law firm that offers that much attention and help to families like ours who are in distress. Think seriously about calling this firm if you are having trouble making your mortgage payments."

- Alex R. / Los Angeles
October 2012
"When my home was lost in the foreclosure sale, I was devastated. Like many others, my home has meant so much to me, and I wanted to do whatever I could to keep it. I hired The Law Offices of Deborah R. Bronner and my dreams and wishes came true. Deborah was relentless in her pursuit of obtaining a loan modification and a rescission of the sale. The process was long because the lender was difficult and uncooperative. Deborah and everyone at the office stayed in touch with me throughout the time of representation and I always knew I could count on her to press hard for my case. I highly recommend you to call Deborah Bronner if you need help with saving your home."

- Ricardo J. / Los Angeles
October 2012
"I had been running a small retail enterprise and encountered financial problems due to the economy. I hired The Law Offices of Deborah R. Bronner to help me through the eviction process with my commercial lease. Deborah and her staff provided professional representation over an extended period that allowed me to regroup and move forward with my life and my business. I found that it was easy to reach Deborah or someone in her office and that my case was attended to promptly. I would recommend this law office for anyone facing similar circumstances."

- Motti P. / Los Angeles
September, 2012
"I hired The Law Offices of Deborah R. Bronner when I felt desperate after I lost my home in the foreclosure sale. The staff at Attorney Bronner's office was wonderful. This law office was the best and easiest to work with compared to the law firms I have worked with recently. I have been very pleased with the firm and would recommend them."

- Ellen D. / Los Angeles
August 2012
"In late 2009, I was in the middle of a trial repayment plan issued by my lender as part of a loan modification and was up-to-date with my payments when my lender sold my house in the foreclosure auction. I hired the Law Offices of Deborah R. Bronner. Attorney Bronner filed a lawsuit against the lender and then Attorney Bronner was able to stop the eviction. The lawsuit was settled with the sale rescinded and a loan modification issued with very favorable terms. I got the result I wanted - I kept my home. I would highly recommend using this law firm."

- Idris C. / Los Angeles
May 2012
"My lender had mistakenly denied my loan modification based on the lender's assessment that I had not paid off a tax lien that at one time had been recorded against my property. Even though the tax lien had been paid off and I had sent the lender proof, I was not able to stop the foreclosure sale. After my home was sold, I hired Deborah R. Bronner who achieved all the results I could have hoped for. We had to file a lawsuit. The eviction was put on hold until the lender issued a loan modification with very favorable terms and rescinded the sale. I highly recommend calling Deborah's office if you are in trouble with your mortgage."

- Jeff H. / Los Angeles
January 2012
"Deborah Bronner is working on saving my home. The bank had foreclosed on me while I had been under review for a loan modification. They told me several times that I would be able to get my loan modified, but instead, they sold my house even while they were still promising me that the house would not be sold. I was very disappointed. I searched a long time for someone to help me. Finally, I found Deborah Bronner, with whom I felt immediately comfortable. Deborah Bronner and her staff are responsive and trustworthy. Deborah has even returned my calls on the weekend. Deborah and her staff have been working hard to save my home, where I have lived for many years. They have been able to same me from eviction so far, and from losing the equity that I have in my home."

- Frederick B. / Los Angeles
November 2011
"I thought the service at Deborah Bronner's Law Office was great. The staff and Deborah Bronner kept me very informed during the loan modification process. They were helpful in answering any questions I had and were respectful of my situation. My wife lost her job and we fell behind on our mortgage payments. Deborah Bronner was able to get me a loan modification that saves me $1,000 a month on my mortgage payments."

Client's Previous Interest Rate: 7.500%
Client's New Interest Rate: 2.00%

- Julian L. / Los Angeles
March 2011
"Attorney Bronner has proven to be very friendly and personable, remarkably accessible, and highly skilled in her specialized field. Her talented team has been responsive to me and responsible to changing issues as they unfolded. I am VERY pleased with the resolution of my loan modification. I have recommended Attorney Bronner to my sister for help and guidance through her loan modification process, and my sister is also quite satisfied with the results achieved. I have recently referred other family members to Attorney Bronner's law firm for similar assistance and they were grateful for the introduction and comforted in knowing that they are in good hands during their period of personal crisis. The banks are quick to say that they will happily negotiate with you, independent of any legal assistance, but both my sister and I strongly feel that we benefited greatly from her stewardship, and are glad we didn't go it alone. My wife and I are truly grateful for her expertise and advice during a difficult time."

- Sander J. / Los Angeles
January 2011
"I received excellent service from the Law Offices of Deborah Bronner. The staff is very professional. Deborah Bronner helped me get a loan modification on my property. I am a Sales Director in the Southern California area. I had some personal and financial issues and I was not able to make my mortgage payments.

Client's Previous Interest Rate: 6.375%
Client's New Interest Rate (First five years): 3.00%
Client's New Interest Rate (Year Six): 4.00%
Client's New Interest Rate (Year Seven+): 4.75%

- Jennifer C. / Los Angeles
December 2010
"I thank God Deborah Bronner's Law Office was able to help me out with a loan modification. I had to retire early, due to a medical condition, and I was not able to make my monthly mortgage payment. Deborah Bronner's Law Office was able to get the payments down by almost $300. They were fast and called me every step of the way. Thank you Deborah Bronner and staff!"

Client's Previous Interest Rate: 8.38%
Client's New Interest Rate: 2.00%

- Perry B. / Los Angeles
November 2010
"Deborah Bronner's Law Office exceeded all of my expectations. My home went into foreclosure and was sold back to the bank. They were able to get the foreclosure sale rescinded. Without Deborah Bronner and her staff I would not have my home. The service was fast and I am extremely happy. I work as an insurance agent and I had run into some financial hardships. I was unable to make my mortgage payments at the time. Thanks to the Law Offices of Deborah Bronner, I have my home today. The Law Offices of Deborah Bronner was able to rescind the foreclosure sale on my home."

- Columba C. / Los Angeles
March 2010
"Attorney Bronner and her staff did a great job getting a loan modification for my mother's home. They are very hard working. Attorney Bronner stopped my sale date twice while the loan modification was in the approval process. She always called me every step of the way with updates she kept me very informed. I would definitely use Deborah Bronner's Law Office again and refer family and friends." I am my mother's caregiver. I take care of her in the home. Without this loan modification we would not have been able to keep a home that has been in our family for years. My elderly disabled mom would have been on the street."

Client's Previous Interest Rate (Adjustable): 9.95%
Client's New Interest Rate (Year One): 3.00%
Client's New Interest Rate (Year Two): 4.00%
Client's New Interest Rate (Year Three+): 5.00%

- Mary L. / Los Angeles
January 2010