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Real Estate Transactions

  • No matter whether you are buying or selling real estate, it is imperative to have a qualified attorney ensuring all aspects of the transaction are executed in accordance with the law.

Short Sales / Bankruptcy

  • Selling your home in a short sale, which can delay the foreclosure process, is an excellent option to foreclosure. Sometimes, filing bankruptcy is the best option to overcome mortgage default and other debt.

Surplus Funds Recovery

  • Foreclosed homeowners whose houses sold for more than the lender is owed may have money owed to them after the foreclosure sale. We provide the trusted guidance to ensure you a quick and complete recovery.

Eviction Defense Post-Foreclosure

  • Receiving an eviction notice can be harrowing. Rest assured that The Law Office of Deborah R. Bronner has the experience and knowledge to answer all of your questions.

Debt Settlement and Negotiation

  • If you're like millions of others and have fallen behind to creditors, our office can rework the terms of your financial obligations and clear a path toward solvency.

Business Disputes

  • Deborah Bronner is an expert at navigating through complex legal proceedings and disputes while working hard to achieve the ultimate goal of the best economic resolution of your matter.

Representation of Foreign Buyers

  • We have a broad range of real estate and business experience as well as an expertise in negotiating residential and commercial deals for international buyers.

Commercial Leases

  • Many business owners never fully grasp the nuances in a commercial lease. As such, it's best to have a strong legal advocate explain your obligations and responsibilities.
We provide interpreters for all languages. Our staff includes native Spanish speakers.